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Adele – First Video 30 Easy on Me

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Adele Easy on Me
Adele 2020 by Misha porhun[/url], on Flickr, Public Domain
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After what seems like a forever wait, Adele has released the first video single from her upcoming album 30. The first single and video from the album is title ‘Easy On Me’. My first impressions of the song is it is in line with what we would expect from Adele. The base of the song surrounds Adele’s vocals with a melancholic accompanying piano. This is a formula that I personally expected and was happy to hear.

Since it has been such a long-time between albums, reminding all of us what we love so much about her seems like the right move. In Easy On Me her voice initially sounds wounded and ramps up and soars. Her voice, is as powerful as it has ever sounded and just conveys emotion and connects to the listener in a way that few singers can. Outside of the vocals and music, the lyrics are deep and personal. From media and interviews it seems the album will center around her divorce, her son and her journey to find happiness. Based on that, I would say the overall album will stay the course and be in line with the theme of the initial single. I personally have always enjoyed Adele and followed her starting with 19. At this point, most will have made an opinion if her style fits their musical tastes but it would be a hard argument that her vocals are not fantastic. Do yourself a favor and listen to the final bridge of Easy On Me for an example of simply a near perfect vocal performance.

Check Out the Full Easy on Me video by Adele

Pre-order Information:

Amazon has a few variations available for pre-order. You can click on any of the affiliate links below to check prices.

If purchasing, you may want to hold off until Target has their pre-order up to see color variations and if it contains additional tracks.

Adele 30 Album Information


Adele New Album – 30

Adele 30 Track List:

Expecting full track list in the near future.

Everything We Know So Far

Below is what we know so far about the upcoming release from Adele.

  • Full Digital, CD and Vinyl release date is expected for November 19, 2021.
  • We can expect lots of heart ache, when asked about what the album was about on on her Live stream for fans she stated “Divorce Babe, Divorce” (Adele finalized her divorce in Jan. ’21 from her ex-husband, Simon Konecki.
  • If the rest of the album is on par with the new single then we are in for a treat.
  • Will be her first release not under her previous label, XL Recordings.
  • Production looks similar to 25 with Greg Kurstin, Max Martin and Shellback (no Danger Mouse though)

How to Keep Up to Date on New Singles and News on the Album

Right here of course. We will keep you posted on all of the upcoming news as it is made available and of course will offer an in-depth review of the entire 30 album by Adele once it is release.

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