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RabbitHoleMusic.com is privately owned and operated.

All views and/or opinions detailed in the articles contained within the site is presented in good faith and are strictly our own. In offering opinions, RabbitHoleMusic.com promises to make every effort to be fair and truthful.

Site comments posted by site users and readers represent the advice and opinions of the reader and not RabbitHoleMusic.com. We in no way endorse these opinions and advise and cannot ensure the accuracy of reader comments and thus cannot be held responsible for their content.

From time to time our opinion may change and a review will be updated to reflect our newly formed opinion. This is human-nature as our thoughts, tastes and opinions can change over time.

The news, articles and reviews that are contained on the website are designed to introduce you to new artists, make informed decisions around your music purchases and most of all entertain you. RabbitHoleMusic.com is not an expert in all things music and does not own any copyrights to the songs presented on the site.

With all of that said, simply put we are here to share our opinions and past knowledge while helping you discover new music to enjoy.

A Note to Readers and Guests

The descriptions and analyses expressed in every article on this website represent the views and opinions of the author.

RabbitHoleMusic.com does not imply to or do any scientific testing of audio recordings or equipment. Each review on our site is offered in good faith.

Financial Disclosure

We do not accept gifts, money, samples or any other incentives from artists or labels in exchange for special consideration in preparing our reviews.

As an Amazon Associate I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. We also participate in other affiliate programs of other online retailers and auction marketplaces (i.e. eBay etc…) and receive a referral commission from qualifying purchases. The referral commission is potentially generated when a reader clicks an affiliate link and is moved to the retailers website from ours.

By collecting a referral fee we are able to continue to support our website expenses and keep are content available to the public with no charge.

Please be assured that we do not allow a potential referral fee to cloud our opinion on a recommendation and we attempt to always remain partial and unbiased when doing reviews and offering opinions.

For Your Protection

Any claim, statistics, or other representation about a product or service recommended on this website should be verified with the manufacturer or other sources before you make any purchase.

This blog contains links to other websites. Remember, all external links contain content which cannot be endorsed or controlled by the editors of this site.

Reporting Errors and Making Comments

Although we try it is next to impossible to keep every article updated on a daily basis due to resource limitations (i.e. I am only an army of one). For this reason, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information you read everywhere on this website. As always, we appreciate all feedback and assistance from you in keeping the site tidy and up to date. If you notice any errors, do please let me know and I will make sure to fix the issue.

Not only are we a blog but an open forum for our users. If we inaccurately represent something, do not hesitate to call us out on it.

Thanks again for visiting and sharing with us our journey down the music rabbit hole.

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