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Don McLean’s American Pie Album Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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Don McLean American Pie
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The classic Don McLean 1971 album celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this year. Originally released October 24, 1971 both the title track and album hit #1 on the Billboard charts. The song has been admired and covered by various artists through the years including Elvis Presley, Madonna, Chet Atkins, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Fred Astaire, and Perry Como.

When asked about the 50 year milestone for the “American Pie” album, McLean stated

“I can’t believe it’s 50 years to the day when “American Pie” was released. They say time flies when you’re having fun and I guess that’s right. I’ve had a fabulous life in music and the arts and got to see the world all because of that wonderful album and the many that followed. All because of my loyal fan base throughout the world. All because of the many friends I have and the help they have given me,”

Don McLean American Pie Song Meaning

Most everyone can sing along to all of the words of American Pie but you may have always wondered what the song was actually about. The genesis of the “American Pie” track was around the mourning of Don McLean’s childhood rock heroes Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens. The three musicians were killed in a tragic plane crash which many refer to the end of the era of early rock and roll. This is referenced in both the song and pop culture as “the day the music died”. Although this was the originating idea of the song, the overall theme of the song goes beyond this and reflects the cultural changes and loss of innocence of his generation.

Recorded at The Record Plant in the late spring of 1971 the newly released lyric video is only the first step of the 50th anniversary celebration of the “American Pie” album.

If you are looking to hear the full album, the 2017 Capital remaster can be purchased here.

Watch the full lyric video of Dan McLean’s American Pie below.

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