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Dua Lipa Tour Kicks Off at FTX Arena in Miami

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Dua Lipa Tour
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We finally get a glance at the new Dua On Tour and it looks like Dua Lipa went all out. After nearly two years of delays, the pop queen kicked off her much-anticipated world tour this week at FTX Arena in Miami.

Opening Acts

The crowd enjoyed Lolo Zoua and Caroline Polachek’s opening sets. Polachek’s translucent, nymph-inspired dress drew a fair amount of phone recordings from the pit, allowing her to do elastic high kicks that matched her towering vocals.

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While disco classics were being played in between acts, Purple Disco Machine’s “Body Funk” was blasting out of the speakers. In Stereocolor: Future Nostalgia was revealed with Miami Vice-style graphics on the main stage backdrop before cutting to static. As the initial notes of Lipa’s “Physical” boomed through the arena, dancers were presented via a color-blocked, aerobics-themed credit sequence.

Show Highlights

As she made her entrance at the ballet barre, Lipa channeled her inner Olivia Newton-John in a corseted neon-yellow bodysuit by Balenciaga, complete with elbow-length gloves. The dancers around her were decked out in skin-tight blue ensembles and baggy gym gear. “Woman alpha” asserted Lipa on her album’s title tune, and her 90-minute, 18-song show at Madison Square Garden last night was no exception.

With the exception of two tracks from her self-titled debut and collaborations with Calvin Harris, Silk City, and Elton John, she focused nearly solely on her second album. Even “IDGAF,” her breakout smash, was pushed to the setlist’s interludes as Future Nostalgia took center stage.

Some users have started sharing videos of the show, watch a glimspe of the show in the Dua Lipa tour video below.

Singer and dancers in light-up rollerblades were joined onstage by Lipa as she sang “Cool” under the shadow of a CGI disco ball at Studio 2054 before sprinting off the stage for a costume change soon after. As they sang along to “IDGAF,” the crowd erupted, but the abrupt change in pace seemed to dampen the crowd’s enthusiasm. This should be ironed out as the tour continues.

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Towards the end of the second act, Lipa was transferred to an underwater setting via the usage of a graphic novel motif. As Lipa sang “We’re Good,” off the Nostalgia B-side, in her white one-piece, she looked like she might have been in Katy Perry’s Left Shark halftime show.

While performing “Hallucinate” in the third act of her concert in London, Lipa let loose and forgoed her choreography, bouncing around the secondary stage in the same carefree manner she might have done at a London party.

After that, Lipa appeared in a dazzling black cutout bodysuit that evoked Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” dress, flinging her hair around as she sang out an angry interpretation on Future Nostalgia’s title track before ending with “Don’t Start Now.”

Dua Lipa Tour Outfits

Lorenzo Posocco, Lipa’s personal stylist, helped her put her own unique twist on some of the most popular catsuits in the world.

Among her Balenciaga ensembles, the “Don’t Stop Now” singer donned a highlighter-yellow lace suit with a corset bodice and the label’s built-in pant/boots, as well as matching elbow-length opera gloves and diamond-embellished Eéra earrings. This vibrant ensemble was also worn by her for a backstage picture shoot that she posted to Instagram.

She also worked with Mugler, one of her favorite fashion brands, to create a couture paneled catsuit with 120,000 crystals and matching black gloves for her Grammy Award-winning performance. In the glittering outfit, both Lipa and the house’s creative director Casey Cadwallader shared clips of the diva shining on stage.

Dua Lip Tour Dates

You will not want to miss Dua Lipa if she is coming to your area. You can see all of the Dua Lipa tour dates and ticket information here.

The Dua Lipa tour looks amazing, and if you’re lucky enough to get tickets, don’t miss it.

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