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Happy Birthday to Motley Crue Too Fast for Love

by RabbitHoleMusic
Motley Crue Too Fast for Love 11-10-1981
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Hard to believe it but 40 years today was the debut release from Motley Crue Too Fast for Love. For me it seems just like yesterday when I picked up the new release from the 4 rowdy guys from LA after first hearing “Live Wire” on the radio. From the first time I heard Mick’s infectious guitar riff starting the song I was hooked and have been a fan ever since.

I could not have imagined back then that after hearing Too Fast for Love that I would be still enjoying Motley Crue for the next 40 years. Through years, Motley Crue had some bumps and bruises along the way (looking at you self-titled Vince-less wanna be grunge self titled album) but they still managed to continue to rock all along the way.

Even after all this time and all the other great releases I still have a special place for Too Fast for Love. Not my favorite Crue album but was the the first and my introduction to the boys. The stand out tracks for me are “Live Wire” “Piece of Your Action” and “Too Fast for Love”. I will say the album does not contain the most technical musical skills but the raw enthusiasm they had putting this together more than makes up for it.

I say we celebrate the way Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy would want us to and throw To Fast for Love on the turntable and have a few too many beers.

Start up the videos below and enjoy.

Motley Crue “Too Fast for Love”

Motley Crue “Live Wire”

Motley Crue “Piece of Your Action”

Motley Crue Too Fast for Love Track Listing

  1. “Live Wire”
  2. “Come on and Dance”
  3. “Public Enemy #1”
  4. “Merry-Go-Round”
  5. “Take Me to the Top”
  6. “Piece of Your Action”
  7. “Starry Eyes”
  8. “Too Fast for Love”
  9. “On with the Show”

Original release date 11/10/1981 on Leathür.

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