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by RabbitHoleMusic
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I am pleased to announce a new weekly feature to our RabbitHoleMusic.com site, Editor’s Choice. How does it work you ask and why do I need yet another avenue to ramble on about some of my favorite songs. Well read on and find out.

I came up with the weekly Editor’s Choice award to allow me to share some great music with you that I may not normally be able to share. Due to real world time constraints, I am unable to do full album reviews of a lot of my favorite artists and songs. With the Editor’s Choice I will be sharing one song, once a week allowing some flexibility in showcasing a song I feel you may enjoy. This also allows me a chance to dig my way down the rabbit hole a little further with another section to write about my favorite music.

Each week will differ depending upon mainly what I am feeling like. It can be anything from an all-time classic song that I love to a quick write up on a newly release single by an up and coming band. Check back each week over the weekend for a new Editor’s Choice song selection.

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