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Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole Track Review

by RabbitHoleMusic
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Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole
Mark Benney, CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/, via Wikimedia Commons
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In the nine inch nails song, “Head Like A Hole,” Trent Reznor explores themes of self-denial, apathy and anger. With its dark and heavy sound, this is a song that will never get old!

Nine Inch Nails Band

The nine inch nails band, which is also known as nine inch nails, is a band that has been around since the 1980s. The nine inch nails band is made up of Trent Reznor who is the founder, producer and songwriter for nine inch nails.

Reznor founded nine inch nails in 1988. He was originally a synth player for an industrial band called the Exotic Birds. However, after he went solo he had many albums that have been ranked high on all kinds of lists including The 100 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2003, The Greatest Albums of the 80s by Pitchfork Media in 2009, and many more.

Head Like A Hole Review

The nine inch nails song “Head Like A Hole” was released in 1989. It is part of the album Pretty Hate Machine, which also contains hit songs such as “Down in It” and “Sin.”.

I first heard the “Head Like a Hole” when I was in high school. It was the early 1990s and alternative rock was all the rage. I loved the dark and heavy sound of the song and I could relate to the lyrics. This song is about self-denial, apathy and anger, and I could definitely relate to those feelings.

The nine inch nails song “Head Like a Hole” is one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s dark, heavy and just sounds amazing. The lyrics are really powerful and I think they explore some important themes. This is a song that will never get old!

“Head Like A Hole” is the perfect nine inch nails song for fans who want to know more about nine inch nails and start getting into the artist.If you want to know what true industrial rock music sounds like then look no further than nine inch nails!

We hope you enjoyed this nine inch nails head like a hole track review. You can find more song reviews here on our blog!

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