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Snail Mail Valentine – Editor’s Pick

by RabbitHoleMusic
Editor's Choice Snail Mail Valentine
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For our Editor’s choice song this week I picked the new single from the upcoming Snail Mail “Valentine” album. It has been close over 3 years since we last heard from Lindsey Jordan after the release of her debut album Lush. If the lead single is any indication of the entire album then the wait will definitely been worth it.

Snail Mail Valentine Summary

Some background on Snail Mail. It is an indie rock project from Lindsey Jordan. The first album from Snail Mail was “Lush” on Matador Records and was released in 2018. The sound of Snail Mail is reminiscent of the sound we heard during the ’90s, which makes sense since a lot of Lindsey’s influences are bands like Sonic Youth, The Cranberries and The Cranberries (RIP Dolores). “Lush” ended up being well received and we are expecting even more from “Valentine” once released. The lead single from Snail Mail, “Valentine”, is our pick for the Editor’s Choice this week. It has a Paramore meets Fiona Apple vibe with the crashing guitars and the synth. “Valentine” deals with the chaos of her heartbreak while trying to understand why she was left behind. I expect the album to reflect on a lot of the personal issues Lindsey has experiencing since the first album. The track is great and retains Lindsey’s vulnerability we loved from “Lush” while providing a more mature sound and refined song writing skills. Cannot wait to check out the full album when it drops on 11/05/2021 (New Music Releases11/05/2021).

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Snail Mail Valentine Video

Snail Mail Valentine Track List

  1. “Valentine”
  2. “Ben Franklin”
  3. “Headlock”
  4. “Light Blue”
  5. “Forever (Sailing)”
  6. “Madonna”
  7. “c. et al.”
  8. “Glory”
  9. “Automate”
  10. “Mia”
    Total length: 31:34

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