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The Beatles Get Back Trailer Released

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Beatles Let It Be
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We are only about a month away from the release The Beatles: Get Back documentary series. Today we get a sneak peak with the launch of the official trailer from the Peter Jackson directed series.

The Beatles: Get Back Documentary Overview

Most are probably already familiar with the upcoming documentary series directed by Peter Jackson (yeah, that Peter Jackson of “Lord of the Rings” fame). In case you are not, we will do a quick overview. The documentary will be split into 3 parts and run between 6 and 7 hours. “Get Back” explores the one of the most contested periods in the band’s history with the recording sessions of “Let It Be” and the lead up of the famous rooftop concert.

What to Expect From The Beatles Get Back

For The Beatles “Get Back” documentary Jackson was was allowed access to 60 hours of previously unseen footage and told only to restore the film and tell its complete story. For any fan of The Beatles, or anyone into pop culture, this unseen and unpublished new footage will offer amazing glimpses into the working life of the band and the tensions that surrounded them.

We hope the film offers some new glimpses into the rooftop concert. The impromptu lunchtime performance that would be their last live performance. Although there was already a film surrounding “Let It Be” in 1970 by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, it took on a reputation as a joyless document of the band’s collapse.

When is The Beatles Get Back Released and Where to Watch

After a series of push backs for the release date (originally it was planned for September 2020) it looks like we will be able to finally enjoy “Get Back” starting on November 25, 2021. A new part of the series will premier each following day (11/25/21 – 11/27/21 for all our non-math readers). The full series will be available for subscribers of Disney+.

The Beatles: Get Back Trailer

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