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Tom Petty Somewhere You Feel Free – Now Streaming

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Tom Petty Wildflowers
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If you missed Tom Petty Somewhere You Feel Free – The Making of Wildflowers in theaters last month, no need to worry. The critically acclaimed film is now available for streaming on Petty’s YouTube channel.

Originally released in select theaters on 10/20/2021 (Petty’s birthday), Somewhere You Feel Free digs deeper into the Wildflowers & All The Rest reissue from 2020. Tom Petty Somewhere You Feel Free – The Making of Wildflowers captures a rare look look into the creative process and personal life of the legendary rock star. The footage captured is from the period of 1993-1995.

Tom Petty Wildflowers & All the Rest – The Making of Wildflowers Film Details

The film has a runtime of 89 minutes and is made by filmmaker Mary Wharton. It has won various awards already including the Audience Award at SXSW in 2021 and Best Documentary Film at the Boulder Film Festival. The film features unreleased interviews and footage from producer Rick Rubin, Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell along with Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench.

Tom Petty Wildflowers Album

The original Tom Petty Wildflowers album was released on November 1, 1994. It was the first of three albums by Tom Petty that was produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin. Upon production, Wildflowers was a double album with 25 songs but it was suggested it was too long. It was shortened to the 15 songs found on the original release. In 2020 the family and band mates of Petty did re-release of the album, Wildflowers & All the Rest. The re-issue includes the deleted songs along with demos, and live tracks.

The singles originally released from Wildflowers include “You Don’t Know How It Feels” (1994), “You Wreck Me” (1995), “It’s Good to Be King” (1995) and “A Higher Place” (1995).

If are a Tom Petty fan and not heard Wildflowers & All the Rest you should definitely check it out. The 2 LP and Deluxe vinyl sets are both still in press and available from Amazon via the links below.

Regular 2 LP vinyl at Amazon

Deluxe vinyl at Amazon

Tom Petty Wildflowers & All the Rest – The Making of Wildflowers Where to Watch

You can enjoy the full film below or at Tom Petty’s YouTube channel.

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