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Top 10 Lindsey Buckingham Solo Songs

by RabbitHoleMusic
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Lindsey Buckingham Solo
“Lindsey Buckingham” by ahisgett is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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One of the most underrated guitarists and producers, Lindsey Buckingham has created and performed countless hits with the members of Fleetwood Mac. In addition to his time in and out of Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey has had quit a stellar solo career. Starting with his debut release Law and Order in ’81 I have always followed and enjoyed the experimental style of Lindsey’s music. If you are new to the solo music from Lindsey Buckingham this list of his top 10 solo songs is a great place to start to get familiar.

Lindsey Buckingham Solo Career Overview

Before jumping into the Top 10 Lindsey Buckingham Solo Songs list we should do a little background for those not familiar with Mr. Buckingham. You probably know Lindsey Buckingham from his involvement in the rock act Fleetwood Mac (member from 1975 – 1987 and 1997 – 2018) and his long lasting and dramatic relationship with Stevie Nicks. Outside of Fleetwood Mac Lindsey has also shined with a successful solo career spanning four decades and includes seven studio album releases (the latest earlier this year with the self-titled “Lindsey Buckingham”). He also has two duo albums, “Buckingham Nicks” which was his and Stevie Nicks debut before they joined Fleetwood Mac and “Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie” which released in 2017 with past Fleetwood Mac band mate Christine McVie.

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What always captivated me with Lindsey is his unique guitar playing style. Unlike 99% of rock guitarists that use a pick to play Lindsey employs a modified finger-style method using his fingernails and fingers to play notes and typically uses his middle and ring fingers to strum. Add the unique style to his perfect blending of blues with country and folk and it adds up to a captivating and unique sound and style.

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Now that you are a bit familiar with him, let’s jump ahead to our Top 10 Lindsey Buckingham Solo Songs list.

10. “Go Insane”

Starting off our list is lead single from the 1984 album ‘Go Insane’ and was the second Top 40 hit of his solo career. A lot of Lindsey’s earlier releases was experimental and used as a creative outlet from the pressures of being in a mega group like Fleetwood Mac. “Go Insane” showed he could definitely put out a popular hit if he chose. Later on he often used “Go Insane” as one of his solo material songs during Fleetwood Mac concerts. Fun FAQ, Lindsey played all instruments for the songs on ‘Go Insane’ album with the exception of the two songs “Go Insane” and “I Want You”

9. “Don’t Look Down”

In at number 9 on our list of the Top 10 Lindsey Buckingham Songs is “Don’t Look Down” from his 1992 release ‘Out of the Cradle’. I always found the modern classical guitar layered on top of the poppy music worked so well. This was his first album after the first departure from Fleetwood Mac and this song reminds me of an extension of a song we could have heard on ‘Tango in the Night’.

8. “Holiday Road”

I still find it odd how many people do not realize that this classic from the ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation soundtrack is Lindsey Buckingham. I always love seeing the lighter side of Lindsey Buckingham and this song brings back so many memories and laughs from watching the movie over and over with friends and family.

7. Countdown

One of my favorite intros, “Countdown” from his 1192 album ‘Out of the Cradle’ comes in at number 7 on our Top 10 List of Lindsey Buckingham Solo Songs.

6. “Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind”

“Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind from the 2006 ‘Under the Skin’ album comes in at number 4. This towering song of sadness is a great example of his fabled attention to craft. The addition of David Campbell’s orchestration adds a sense of panoramic emotion. Plus we have Mick Fleetwood sitting in on drums!

5. “Seeds We Sow”

Bringing us into the Top 5 of Lindsay Bucking Solo Songs is the song “Seeds We Sow” from the 2011 ‘Seeds We Sow’ album. One of my favorite guitar centered songs by Lindsey and features an exceptional solo. The song was recorded at his home feels so close and personal.

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4. In My World

From the 2017 ‘Lindsay Buckingham Christine McVie’ album “In My World” is one of the standout tracks from the collaboration. Features a simple and beautiful finger style guitar underlay along with a flashback to some of the harmonies between Lindsey and Christine that we heard for so many years when they were in Fleetwood Mac.

3. “Stars Are Crazy”

Amazing song from the 2011 album ‘Seeds We Sow’. I picked one of my favorite performances of the song below. Show is from “Songs From the Small Machine” and was performed at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills in 2011.

2. “Soul Drifter”

“Soul Drifter” comes in at number 2 on our Top 10 Lindsay Buckingham Solo Songs list. The song comes from the 1992 album ‘Out of the Cradle’. The song comes off as a pop song on the surface but is a wonderful wanderer’s tale and I am always amazed amazing how his music can touch your core.

1. “Trouble”

From his debut album ‘Law and Order’ in 1981, “Trouble” was his first chart topping hit (# 9 in the US). Features some very special friends with Mick Fleetwood on drums along with other former Fleetwood Mac members Bob Welch and Bob Westin and Walter Egan. See our pick for the best song on our Top 10 Lindsey Buckingham Solo Songs, “Trouble”, below.

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