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Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend Album Review

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Wolf Alice Blue Weekend
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Today we take a look at one of the best albums of 2021 in our Wolf Alice Blue Weekend Review. In the album, we see growth from the band both musically and lyrically and see some of our favorite tracks to them to date. Read on to get the full details about this great album from Wolf Alice.

About Wolf Alice

The alternative rock band Wolf Alice is a band based in London. The line-up consists of Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie, Theo Ellis, and Joel Amey. Combined, the four have created one of the most exciting indie bands of the last few years.

Blue Weekend [Limited Red LP] [Analog]

as of May 12, 2024 5:58 pm

Originally formed in 2010 as an acoustic duo comprising singer Ellie Rowsell and guitarist Joff Oddie. The band have since expanded to include drummer Joel Amey and bassist Theo Ellis starting in 2012.

Wolf Alice’s music is difficult to categorize due to its wide range of influences. However, it can be most broadly described as alternative rock with echoes of grunge and punk, along with elements from other genres such as hip-hop and dream pop.

Wolf Alice’s music has been critically acclaimed by a variety of both British and American media. Music critics are in consensus that their sound is totally unique, which is an achievement in today’s pop culture. They have received regular praise for the creativity and originality of their music and have also been applauded by multiple magazines for their current level of success.

Wolf Alice Blue Weekend Album Review

The Wolf Alice 2021 album Blue Weekend is a good example of the band’s ability to create notable and catchy songs that draw listeners in and keep them engaged. The first song on the album “The Beach” starts off with a moderately paced guitar intro which continues to grow faster.

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As the song progresses, the guitars become faster-paced, synth are introduced to add complexity, incorporating more shoegaze-style layers while Ellie Rowsell’s vocals reflects the changing mood throughout the song. The song continues to grow in complexity, until it reaches a frenetic dreamlike climax and abruptly ends, leaving us want more. An amazing way to kick off the album for sure!

The album has a total of four singles which were released, “The Last Man on Earth”, “Smile”, “No Hard Feelings” and “How Can I Make It OK?”. The lead single, “The Last Man on Earth” was released o 02/24/21. It’s a departure for the band, which is known for its loud, raucous sound.

Lead singer Ellie Roswell’s solitary vocals dominate the track, which is supported by a melancholy piano accompaniment. Her voice is a mix of gentle, whispery, and gravelly at times, and soaring, forceful, and layered at others, giving the song a rich emotional depth. The exquisite harmonies that kick in during the chorus are very stunning. Lyrically, in the song’s opening line, ‘who were you to ask for anything more?’, Roswell reveals that the song is about the “arrogance of humanity”, she confirmed this in an earlier Rolling Stone interview.

Other songs on the album continues to show the growth as the band both musically and lyrically. Many of the songs feature an upbeat/romantic sound that displays their unique blend of loud electric guitars, piano chords, and Joff Oddie’s multiple vocal styles which work together seamlessly to create soft lullaby-like interludes and build-ups to louder, more energetic moments. Many of the songs have what I can only describe as having “an almost anthemic quality coupled with delicate, intimate moments”.

Blue Weekend

as of May 12, 2024 5:58 pm

Wolf Alice Sound

Wolf Alice often has an atmospheric soundscape that forms an interesting contrast with their rougher/louder moments. The atmosphere is often created by their unique combination of instruments and use of complex guitar effects. Their sound is often described as a mixture of female vocalist Ellie Rowsell’s emotive lyricism, along with the rasping vocals of guitarist Joff Oddie. The band takes on a much different feel with each song due to the interaction between Rowsell and Oddie’s vocal styles and varying musical intensity.

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Conclusion for Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend

We hope you have enjoyed the review of Blue Weekend by Wolf Alice and check out some of their previous albums when possible. Let us know your thoughts on the band in the comments below.

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