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Beach Bunny Prom Queen Track Review

by JustxSophia
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Beach Bunny is an American musical group from Chicago, IL. The song Prom Queen was released in August 10, 2018 and is from the same titled album, Prom Queen.

This band became popular after a late 2019 TikTok that blew up overnight.  They produced a song called Prom Queen (2018).  We are going to dig into the meaning of this popular indie band’s song.

Written by lead singer and songwriter Lili Trifilio, the track was written for for a friend that was struggling with body issues. The song “Prom Queen” by Beach Bunny is about the average teenage girl’s perspective on life mentioning the struggles of eating disorders and comparing themselves to society. The lyrics are reminiscent of high school and how it felt being picked last in gym class or not having any friends at lunchtime.

Trifilio was concerned ahead of the tracks release since it did not align to their previous songs that normally have a romantic theme. Based on fans reception, these worries were misconstrued as the song turned out to be their most popular single to date.

The full Beach Bunny Prom Queen EP vinyl can be purchased below.

This song has a laid-back vibe that can be appreciated by anyone and is easily digestible. Overall a great Pop / Indie song that actually addresses social issues that impact teenagers.

Beach Bunny Prom Queen Video

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Beach Bunny Prom Queen Lyrics

Shut up, count your calories
I never looked good in mom jeans
Wish I was like you
Blue-eyed blondie, perfect body

Maybe I should try harder
You should lower your expectations
I’m no quick-curl barbie
I was never cut out for prom queen

If I get more pretty
Do you think he will like me?

Disect my insecurities
I’m a defect, surgical project
It’s getting hard to breathe
There’s plastic wrap in my cheeks

Maybe I should try harder
You should lower your beauty standards
I’m no quick-curl barbie
I was never cut out for prom queen

If I’m pretty, will you like me?
They say “Beauty makes boys happy”
I’ve been starving myself
Carving skin until my bones are showing

Teach me how to be okay
I don’t wanna downplay my emotions

They say “Beauty is vain
You’ll only be happy if you look a certain way”

I wanna be okay
I wanna be okay

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