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New Music Album Releases 3-11-2022

by RabbitHoleMusic
New Music Album Releases 3-11-2022
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New Music Album Releases

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Find the latest new album releases for the week. Highlights include new vinyl from Bryan Adams, Ghost, PJ Harvey, Johnny Marr and Kiss

Featured New Vinyl Album Releases 3-11-2022

All New Album Releases Week of 3-11-2022

Welcome to our weekly new music albums page featuring the latest in new music releases.
This music page is a list of the latest albums, songs and EP’s to be released that have been announced in the past week. You can quickly browse through our newest additions with just one click!

Each week we highlight a few of the weeks top anticipated releases and highlight them at the top of the page. You can expect to find a mix of high quality music from all genres such as pop, dance, rap, rock, country and more. What is even better is that the albums have been hand picked from brand new releases to classic albums that have been given a new lease of life.

For all you vinyl collectors, don’t forget to checkout our daily vinyl deals post in addition to our guides for How to Store and Protect Your Vinyl and our picks for the Best Vinyl Record Storage Cabinet Solutions.

We hope you enjoy listening to these new tunes as much as we do.

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